Wireless Sensor Solutions Joins sensemetrics Alliance Member Program

IIoT Alliance formed to deliver solutions that transform the world’s most challenging environments

ROCHESTER, NY — July 15, 2019 —Wireless Sensor Solutions (WSS), a worldwide provider of wireless, perpetual sensors for predictive maintenance and IIoT applications, today announced it has joined the sensemetrics Alliance, a worldwide network committed to delivering the most comprehensive and feature-rich IIoT solutions to industrial clients in challenging work environments.

“We’re pleased to join the sensemetrics Alliance, a strategic group of companies that are committed to innovation,” said David Monks, Managing Director of WSS. “We look forward to working together to deliver predictive maintenance solutions that enable business owners to improve operational efficiency and improve their bottom line.”

Wireless Sensor Solutions provide perpetual and configurable wireless sensors which deliver a continuous stream of high-quality data to power Condition-based Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance solutions to the mining, rail, heavy vehicle and other industries. The basis for these products is a configurable wireless sensor solution platform (Intellys™), which includes gateways, technology components, and Intellectual Property to create configurable point solutions to the market. Ease of placement – ultra-low power combined with long-life provides easy placement of wireless sensors in difficult field situations and environments.

“As an expert in autonomous wireless sensors for mining and other industries, Wireless Sensor Solutions is an outstanding addition to our Alliance Program,” said Matt Meehan, CEO of sensemetrics. “We are excited to begin working with the company on new implementations, as well as entering new markets, to improve safety and productivity.”

sensemetrics delivers a plug-and-play, end-to-end IIoT solution that provides complete sensor data capture, standardization and real-time data visualization and intelligence. Differentiated by a true cloud design and API-driven architecture, the platform reduces the cost and complexity of introducing IoT strategies into industrial environments by omitting lengthy installation, and significant services and customization spend. As a direct result, organizations realize time to value, as well as avoidance of risk, instantly.

About Wireless Sensor Solutions

Wireless Sensor Solutions provides wireless perpetual sensors that power Condition-based Monitoring and provide the foundation for Predictive Maintenance IIoT solutions to high value equipment suppliers and OEMs in mining, rail, heavy vehicle and other industries. Based on over 10 years of research and development in Energy Harvesting, we have the unique ability to deliver life-long ultra-low power wireless sensor solutions.

These life-long predictive maintenance sensor solutions for high asset value equipment suppliers and OEMs in mining, rail, heavy vehicles and other industries enable the identification, prediction, and monetization of reduced failure rates of high value asset equipment – in virtually any environment. Wireless Sensor Solutions has offices in Fairport, NY, and Rennes, France. For more information please visit www.wsstec.com.

About sensemetrics

sensemetrics is a leading innovator in the Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) market. The company offers the only market proven cloud-based enterprise-level software platform that transforms industrial sensor data into real-time situational awareness, enabling active risk management and safety solutions instantly. The result is reduced infrastructure cost, improved asset utilization, higher operational efficiency and increased safety. Fortune 500 companies and the world’s largest government agencies rely on sensemetrics’ IIoT platform to power smarter decision making in their organizations, enabling seamless collaboration and integration with existing systems and IT architecture. sensemetrics is leading the way to establish a safer future. Visit http://www.sensemetrics.com.

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