Energy harvesting,
long-life IIoT Sensors

Wireless Sensor Solutions enable the identification, prediction, and monetization of reduced failure rates associated with high value assets – in virtually any environment.

  • Everlasting wireless sensors
  • Configurable and scalable for specific requirements and to the harshest of environments
  • Data visualization app for use on-site
  • Gateway for data collection

It all starts with data! High-quality, perpetual data. Our highly configurable, life-long and wireless sensors provide the foundation to develop condition-based monitoring (CBM), predictive maintenance, and other IIoT solutions.



Wireless Sensor Bundle: $450.00

Bundle includes

  • 2 Wireless sensors               
  • Gateway for wireless data collection
  • Data visualization app (MSFT based)
  • Also includes: 
  • Technical support
  • Magnetic sensor mounts
  • Cloud-based visualization dashboard (data analytics)

Available separately:

  • Extended technical support (per day) – $1,600


Product Specifications:
Each wireless sensor solution includes:

✓  3 axis accelerometers and
✓ Temperature sensor

✓  Microprocessor
✓  Proprietary Zigbee (by Atmel)2.4 GHZ
✓  Operating Firmware. (data acquisition and delivery along with low power management)
✓  Power provided by vibrational energy harvester
✓  Gateway that supports up to 16 sensor modules
✓  Rugged IP 67 encasement for harsh environments
✓  Strong magnetic mounting ‘feet’

Each wireless sensor and gateway measures 151mm X 112mm X 35mm


    Wireless Sensor Energy Harvester Assembly – $45
    Components to build efficient energy capture for multiple applications



    Wireless Sensor Energy Harvester Assembly with Box and Feet – $90
    Energy Harvester Assembly with protective casing and mounting feet for energy capturing applications


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