Scalable, Configurable IIoT Wireless Sensor Platform for CBM (Condition-based Monitoring) and other solutions


Intellys is a rugged configurable wireless sensor solution platform, including gateways, that contains all the technology components and Intellectual Property needed for any wireless sensor solution. Intellys is a modular solution and offers “tailor fit” for the application being supported, with different selected sensors, radios, and power supply options – including energy harvesters that can enable perpetual life.

Intellys provides a wireless and self-powered solution that provides constant, valid data combined with powerful analytics that power your CBM (Condition-based Monitoring) programs to scale and operational efficiency at reduced time and cost.

It is this flexibility and multiple configuration options that sets Wireless Sensor Solutions apart from others in the IIoT industry.  WSS offers an initial application evaluation that insures that the ultimate wireless sensor solution design will perform as desired to meet your specific application needs.

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