Condition-based monitoring (CBM) and its business value

WSS custom wireless sensor solutions enable the identification, visualization, and monetization of reduced failure rates associated with high value assets – in virtually any environment


What is Condition-based Monitoring (CBM)?

Condition-based Monitoring (CBM) is an application that provides data and information on equipment health, identifying potential issues, reducing the need for regular maintenance, and reducing costs as well as increasing uptime, profitability and customer satisfaction.

CBM as a solution is possible through the Internet of Things (IoT), a lynchpin technology of Industry 4.0.  (IoT) is all about interconnecting embedded systems, bringing together three evolving technologies: sensors, wireless connectivity and data analytics. These connected embedded systems are independent microcontroller-based computers that use sensors to collect data. They are networked together usually by a wireless protocol such as Bluetooth LE, LoRA or a custom communication system, and that are being connected to the internet easily and inexpensively, thus ushering in a second industrial revolution. Companies are leveraging IoT to enable CBM, a foundation for predictive maintenance.  Data is sent from the sensor over the network to the main hub or computer, on to the cloud which collects and analyzes the data providing predictability and thus reducing unnecessary routine maintenance.  CBM turns maintenance from a cost center into a profit center.

Wireless Sensor Solutions value add

With recent advances in low power microcontrollers and energy harvesters, these new “things” can be self-sustaining. Since the output from energy harvesting devices is usually small and intermittent, a system must be carefully designed since it often includes appropriate conditioning circuitry to provide stable power management.

The closer an energy harvesting device can come to supplying the overall demands of an embedded system, the closer that system can come to being battery free. The resulting solution provides an ultra-low power, perpetual sensor that can be deployed to help companies effectively manage and predict potential failures of high value assets and machinery – in virtually any environment.

The application of wireless, ultra-low power sensors from Wireless Sensor Solutions LLC can effectively monitor high asset value equipment and provide the vital information to minimize equipment downtime.

Article: WSS Director of Business Development Brian Monks on Predictive Maintenance

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